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Marcos Bruno: Nothing Is Impossible If We Follow Our Purpose | Scalabl Talks


Marcos Bruno is a student of Mechatronics Engineering, TED speaker, international speaker, co-founder of We Are Changers and serial entrepreneur. Marcos knows, as do all of us at #SCALABL, that nothing is impossible if we follow our purpose with determination, perseverance, #methodology and the power of #networking. 

Since he was a child he has loved everything related to space exploration and in 2016 he traveled to the United States to present to the Mars Society a robot made by him and a friend, Gabriel Caballero. For two weeks he was able to test the robot at the Mars Society MDRS base; one of the best Martian analogs on earth. He then conducted research at the laboratories of Stanford University, where he worked on adapting a $1 microscope for the diagnosis of cervical cancer. 

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