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Laeeq Ali's Testimony: Scalabl India Is Transformation | Bangalore, India

Alumni Feedback

SCALABL® in the words of Laeeq Ali


Laeeq is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of business experience and, also, a promising author who is about to publish his first book. Moreover, he is convenor at the CII Startup Panel and President of The Advertising Club Bangalore. In this testimony, he describes how transformative was his experience at Scalabl Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program in Bangalore and shares his point of view on Francisco Santolo's classes and methodology.

Laaeq's contribution to launch Scalabl India was fundamental, so we are very grateful and honored to count with him in our global network. You can know more about his work visiting and

Thank you very much, Laeeq, for your words and for joining Scalabl!